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A Brief History of Crossley House

Crossley House was commissioned as a grand stately family residence for the local philanthropist and industrialist, Sir Francis Crossley – member of the famous Crossley family and owners of the large carpet manufacturing complex at Dean Clough Mills, Halifax.

Other members of the family took up similar grand and regal residences in Halifax; John Crossley in Manor Heath and Joseph Crossley at Broomfield.

During 1845 Belle Vue Park saw the creation of a stately mansion through the work of Sir Joseph Paxton and George Henry Stokes. Paxton was already well known for his work at Crystal Palace which was later completed for the Great Exhibition of 1851 in London.

Crossley House was completed with a majestic grandeur to include fine stonework, a large and imposing marble staircase, a grand central hallway, large richly plastered rooms with high ceilings, spectacular chandeliers.

Over the years, the original features have been retained / restored ensuring the venue continues to impose prestige and presence.

This beautiful house which boasts grandeur is now available for hire for your perfect event.

Whether you are looking for an exclusive venue to host your big day or wanting to host an impressive corporate event, Crossley House offers the majestic setting for an unforgettable event.